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Mary Kypriandes

Hello, my name is Ms. Mary Kypriandes (Ms. K) and I have been teaching since 1991, that is 27 years of experience. I graduated from Marietta College, bachelor’s in Elementary Education, and University of Phoenix with a master’s degree in Administration and Leadership. In 2014, I retired from education, got restless, started taking special education classes at Averett University, finally started my second educational teaching journey in Ohio, teaching in charter schools.

My philosophy is that all children can learn, and it is up to the teacher and child to locate their learning style.  Children learn through 75% of what they see, 25% of what they hear, and 25% if they know you care about them. If you walk into my classroom you will observe children learning through group learning and individual learning.  Somedays you will hear silence, laughter, discussions, sharing, caring, and even arguments, as this is part of learning. The children learn that their education is a journey that will take a lifetime, to learn.

I discipline with love and respect without disrespecting the child’s inner-child.

I am looking forward to a long-lasting educational journey with Orchard Park Academy, where all children can learn that an education will open doors that and give them their dream life.