Staff Directory

Courtney Becerra
Educator: Instructional Aide
Emily Carter
Educator: 6-8 ELA
Tiffany Fong
Educator: 2nd Grade
Ryan Johnson
Educator: 4-5 Math and Social Studies
Danielle Latine
Educator: 1st Grade
Martell Medley
Educator: Physical Education
Shawna Merritt
Educator: Instructional Aide
Carli Metz
Educator: Title I
Doug Miller
Educator: 6-8 Math
Brittany Milne
Educator: Instructional Aide

My name is Brittany Milne (Miss Brittany). I am looking forward to working with your children at Orchard Park Academy. I have set high... Read More

Olivia Nance
Educator: Instructional Aide
Katelyn O'Malley-Issari
Educator: 6-8 Social Studies
Jennifer Schneikart
Educator: 3rd Grade
Gerald Schubert
Educator: Title I
Gretchen Throm
Educator: Music
Constance Williams
Educator: 4-5 ELA and Science
Ranneth Yaeger
Educator: Kindergarten